The Judiciary

The Supreme Court (Stera Mahkama) is the highest authority of the judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. It is composed of nine persons, who are appointed by the President and approved by the Wolesi Jirga (House of People) for ten-year terms. The President also selects a Chief Justice among the nine justices. The current Stera Mahkama is made up of the following justices:

Chief Justice Abdul Salam Azimi
Justice Bahauddin Baha
Justice Abdul Rashid Rashed
Justice Gholam Nabi Nawai
Justice Zamen Ali Behsudi
Justice Mohammad Qasem
Justice Mohammad Alim Nasimi
Justice Mohammad Omar Barakzai

The Supreme Court is subordinated by High Courts and Appeal Courts, that act under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has also established Special Courts within the structure of the Supreme Court to resolve special cases. These courts are:

The Primary and Appellate Narcotics Courts
The Primary and Appellate Courts of Crimes against Internal and External Security
The Primary and Final Courts of Property Disputes
The Specialized Family Court
The Specialized Juvenile Court

For more information, please explore the Supreme Court’s official website:

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Oslo
Gange-Rolvs gate 5  -  0244 Oslo  -  Norway  -  Phone: + 47 22 12 35 70

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