Message from the Ambassador, January 2009

Dear reader,

Updated: (1.01.2009)

In presenting this issue of the Nyhetsbrev, I am pleased to give you the good news coming from Afghanistan: next elections will be held on 20 August 2009. Welcome though this announcement by Afghanistan’s election commission is, there is no illusion that it sets out a
momentous challenge for us Afghans and our friends from the international community.

The second round of elections in any post war society is usually more critical in importance to
democratisation than the first round. We are also keenly aware that, aside from the political and logistic preparations that have to be made, security in some parts of the country, notably in the south of the country, is not conducive to the holding of elections.

In this context, we are welcoming the plans by the United States to increase its troops in Afghanistan in the coming months to help secure the elections. The successful conduct of the elections this year will take Afghanistan to a new phase of our journey to stability and democracy.

Jawed Ludin,

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