Message from the Ambassador, November 2008

Dear reader,

Updated: (11.01.2008)

If you are, like myself, tired of the stories of violence from Afghanistan and negative coverage of Afghanistan by international media; if you are wondering whether the menacing
heroin powder is Afghanistan’s only exportable product; in this issue of the Nyhetsbrev, we have some refreshing stories to share with you.

Last week the Economist magazine ran a story about Afghanistan’s effort to promote its brand of pomegranates. Afghanistan today produces, without a doubt, the world’s best pomegranates. The province of Kandahar in the south of Afghanistan is where Afghan pomegranates grow to their fully, heavenly potential: large sized, thinly skinned, ruby-red coloured, amply juicy and unbeatably tasty!

You will also have heard the news in recent weeks about the 20 percent fall in poppy cultivation in Afghanistan. Today, of our 34 provinces, 18 are totally poppy free, and major reductions are also seen in many others.

The correlation between the pomegranate story and the poppy story is clear: if our farmers are able to export pomegranates to the world, there will be no need for poppies. And our chances of success as a pomegranate exporting nation will depend on help from our international friends, notably Europe, who need to open their markets to our pomegranates and other delightful fruits we can offer.

Jawed Ludin,

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