Message from the Ambassador, October 2008

Dear reader,

Updated: (10.01.2008)

As part of our efforts to help increase awareness in Norway and the wider Nordic region about Afghanistan, its developments and our Embassy’s activities, I am pleased to launch the first issue of the Nyhetsbrev, our monthly newsletter.

Published at the end of every month, and containing a careful selection of news and feature items on Afghanistan, the newsletter aims to highlight important developments and positive stories that will otherwise go largely unnoticed by the mainstream media outlets. This, in our view, is particularly important given the dominant trend in the global media focusing mainly on negative coverage of my country.

The newsletter will also serve as a tool for the Embassy to inform our various audiences, including Nordic governments, civil society institutions and the Afghan Diaspora, about the Embassy’s activities, events and other ways of engaging with the Embassy.

Established in 2004, this Embassy is Afghanistan’s youngest embassy in Europe and, to that extent, has a long way to go before establishing an optimum level of presence across the Nordic region. This newsletter is one among many initiatives we are currently undertaking towards our goal.

On behalf of the Embassy’s small but dedicated public relations team that is responsible for producing the Nyhetsbrev and other initiatives, I request you to help our work by providing us your feedback.

Jawed Ludin,

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