Afghan journalists visit Norway

As part of a program aiming to create better understanding between Afghanistan and Norway, the Embassy of Afghanistan and the Norwegian Atlantic Committee recently invited a group of journalists and their travel coordinator from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Kabul to Oslo.

Updated: (6.08.2009)

− To help the Norwegian public understand the situation in Afghanistan better, and see how their support is making a difference for the Afghan people, it is good that they hear it not just from the Afghan government, but also from the civil society, says Ambassador Jawed Ludin.

During their week-long visit, the five journalists from independent media in Afghanistan and their coordinator visited some of the major media organizations, met fellow journalists and learned about the media situation in Norway. In return, they shared their stories about the history of journalism in Afghanistan, the leap in freedom of speech and the proliferation of media organizations after the collapse of the Taliban regime − as well as the challenges that persist for Afghan journalists.

They also met with Norwegian authorities, scholars and development organizations engaged in their home country, and got the opportunity to establish long term relations to the different organizations and media involved in Afghanistan.

− It is important that the journalists also learn about Norwegian society, and reflect this knowledge in their reporting back home. This way the relationship between Afghanistan and Norway could be expanded beyond governments to the two societies, the Ambassador says.

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