Swedish NGOs in Afghanistan

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) is the biggest NGO in Afghanistan. The SCA was created in the early 1980s and aims to help the reconstruction of Afghanistan after decades of devastating war.

SCA programmes include education programmes, health programmes, disability programmes, rural development programmes and agricultural programmes. SCA has been one of the largest providers of primary education in rural Afghanistan with support to over 400 schools. SCA is now, through an agreement with the Minister of Education (MoE), in the process of handing over and phasing out salary supported SCA schools to the government. SCA will continue to support 15 primary schools, 9 twin schools as model schools, whilst the remaining schools will be supported by the Afghan government SCA has also signed a contract with the Ministry of Health as implementing partner of the new Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS) in two provinces, Wardak and Paktika. There is a particular focus on mother and child health.

Through its programme Rehabilitation of Afghans with Disabilities (RAD), SCA provides comprehensive care and creates opportunities for thousands of Afghans with disabilities. The programme includes physiotherapy, orthopaedic workshops and special education for children with various forms of disabilities. The Rural Development Programme is aiming to promote sustainable community development programmes in SCA coverage areas through participation-based multi-sectored intervention. In January 2006 SCA´s Agriculture Programme, along with its staff, was officially handed over to the afghan NGO Coordination of Afghan Relief (CoAR). In addition, the Swedish Pentecostal Mission Relief and Development Cooperation Agency, Save the Children Sweden and the Swedish Mission Council (SMC) all receive support from SIDA for their activities.

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