Sweden increases support for Afghanistan

The Swedish government announces an increase of of 200 million Swedish kronor per year in development aid to Afghanistan, as well as 110 more troops.

Updated: (11.14.2008)

The Swedish government says it will send 110 more troops to Afghanistan and increase development aid to the country by 200 million kronor ( USD 25 million) a year.

The government said on thursday that the number of Swedish troops in Afghanistan will be raised from 390 to 500. Some of these officers will act as advisers to the Afghan army. Sweden will also send transport aircraft and an emergency care helicopter.

The government also says it will increase development aid to Afghanistan to 500 million kronor (USD 62 million) a year from the current 300 million kronor within two to three years.

Sweden is not a NATO member but operates under NATO command in northern Afghanistan as part of the International Security Assistance Force, or ISAF.

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