Afghan women meet to celebrate the day and discuss women’s issues

Around 30 women and a few men were gathered at the Ambassador’s residence to celebrate Women’s Day and discuss issues concerning women worldwide and women in Afghanistan.

Updated: (3.10.2011)

Wednesday 9 March, one day after the official international Women’s Day, the Embassy of Afghanistan invited Afghan women to celebrate Women’s Day and discuss important issues in relation to women’s rights. Around 30 women and a few men were gathered at the Ambassador’s residence to participate in speeches and debates.

To begin with, the global aspect of women’s issues was discussed, and further on, the situation of Afghan women. Jamila Bahadur welcomed the audience and introduced the speakers. The first speaker was Noor Saraj Saffi, who spoke about the history of the international Women’s Day, from its early start in Chicago in the USA, in 1925, until today. Then, Hazrat Shah Farkhari, spoke on the historical position of women in Islam. He emphasized that according to Islam, women and men originally have equal rights; however, political figures and movements have later used Islam falsely to take rights away from women. The third speaker was Danisha Basil, who spoke on the problems that women are facing in Afghanistan. Afterwards, Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari gave a speech on the history of the women’s rights movement, and finally Fatima Husseini read a poem about mothers and daughters and their rights in Islam.

After the speeches, there was a panel debate with questions and answers between the audience and the speakers. The topics of debate were human rights in Afghanistan and different views and definitions of the use of hijab. The women who participated find that events like these are valuable and important both because of the social aspect of it, but especially because it creates an arena for debates and discussions about women’s issues, something that is essential for there to be progress in the situation that women in Afghanistan are facing.

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