Afghan-Norwegian Friendship Day at Vinderen Primary School in Oslo

The 5th of May is the annual Afghan-Norwegian Friendship Day at Vinderen primary school in Olso. On this day the children prepare markets with food and self-made things to raise money for their friendship shcool in Afghanistan.

Updated: (5.05.2011)

Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari was invited by the Afghanistan Committee to officially open the event, and held a short speech where she thanked the children and teachers for initiating the arrangement as well as for caring about the children in Afghanistan.

Vinderen primary school and Gul Dara girl school in Afghanistan have been friendship schools for four years, and at Vinderen, the children learn about Afghanistan, arrange fundraising events and exchange letters with the Afghan children.

Anne Marie Waag, assisting headmistress at Vinderen School shows the Ambassador and Embassy staff items from the marked.

A rock band with ten-year-old boys holds a concert to raise money for their Afghan friendship school.

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