H.E. President Hamid Karzai visits Pakistan

On Saturday 11th June 2011, following an official invitation by Pakistan’s President Asef Ali Zardary, H.E. President Hamid Karzai, left Afghanistan for Pakistan for two-day official visit.

Updated: (6.13.2011)

H.E. President Hamid Karzai, was invited by his Pakistani counterpart Asef Ali Zardary to visit Pakistan. During his visit to Pakistan H.E. President Hamid Karzai, officially opened the joint peace commission first function at the meeting with his Pakistani counterpart Asef Ail Zardary and Prime Minister Yousf Raza Gailani in Islamabad.

During his visit, H.E. President Hamid Karzai also met with a number of Pakistani Government senior officials and discussed key issues such as economy and education as well as joint counterterrorism efforts and coordination between the two countries within the framework of the joint peace commission.

In this official visit H.E. President Hamid Karzai, was accompanied by a delegation consisted of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Zalmay Rasoul, Defence Minister, Abdul Rahim Wardak, Interior Minister, Bismillah Khan Mohammadi,Chief of Army, Gen. Shir Mohammad Karimi, High Peace Chairman, Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani, Education Minister Farouq Wardak, Acting Minister of Water and Energy, Mohammad Ismael Khan, Minister of Commerce, Anwarul Haq Ahadi, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jawid Ludin and other Afghanistan’s high ranking officials.

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