His Excellency Farooq Wardak, Education Minister of Afghanistan visits Denmark

His Excellency Farooq Wardak was invited by World Bank Global Partnership for Education to participate in a high-level conference on education (Education for All) in Denmark. He arrived in Copenhagen on Saturday 5th November 2011. 

On this visit H.E. Farooq Wardak, was accompanied by H.E. Manizha Bakhtari, Afghanistan’s Ambassador to the Nordic Countries, Mr. Sarwar Azizi, Chief of staff at the Ministry of Education, Mr. Mirwais Masood, Director of HRDB at the Ministry of Education and Mr. Zabiulla Takal, Technical Assistant at the Ministry of Education.

During his visit H.E. Farooq Wardak, met with Mr. Villy Søvndal, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Mr. Christian Friis Bach, Minister of Cooperation Development of Denmark. At the meeting Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari and a high-level delegation from the Ministry of Education accompanied H.E. Farooq Wardak.

During his remarks in the meeting, H.E. Farooq Wardak, thanked the Danish people and government for their generous support to Afghanistan’s education system. Further, H.E. Farooq Wardak emphasized the importance of the continuation of the Danish contribution to the stabilization and recovery of Afghanistan.

As part of his speech in the meeting Minister Wardak explained that in 2011, around 8.31 million students get access to free and fair education in Afghanistan, 39 percent of these students are girls which are approximately Equivalent to three millions.

He added currently 190000 qualified teachers are involved in teaching, 59000 of these teachers are females. Female teachers represent 31 percent of all teachers in Afghanistan. 14,600 schools are open across Afghanistan, including areas that are unsafe.

H.E. Wardak emphasized to the Danish officials in the meeting: “these figures reflect the fact that education in Afghanistan has grown very fast.”

During the meeting, current issues including peace process in Afghanistan and its impact on development of education for girls, corruption, good governance and women's participation in the government were discussed.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Cooperation Development of Denmark appreciated the achievement of Afghanistan's government in the field of education and pledged; even after the Danish military withdrawal the cooperation between the two countries in reconstruction and education ground will continue.

Meanwhile, H.E. Farooq Wardak had a separate meeting with the Associate of Deputy Foreign Minister of Denmark and the Afghanistan team in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark to discuss the mutual interests between the two countries.

In addition at this meeting, H.E. Farooq Wardak met with the Head of Asian aid to discuss Australian assistance in relation to teacher training and capacity building in Afghanistan.

At the end H.E. Farooq Wardak participated in an interview with a Danish television channel (TV2) and at a press conference with a question and answer session.

His Excellency Farooq Wardak will meet with the Foreign Relations, International Affairs and Defense Committee of the Danish parliament on Thursday 9th November 2011.

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