Celebration of the International Women’s Day

On Tuesday 14 March 2012 The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan hosted an event to celebrate the International Women’s Day in H. E. Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari’s residence in Oslo. Around 50 guests, among them 6 special guests from the Afghan Women Organization coming all the way from Afghanistan, as well as a representative from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs participated in the celebration. On the program were lectures by five distinguished speakers, H. E Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari, Hamza Vahizi, Dr. Shakira Zalmai, Hangama Anwari and Wajhma Forough, who shared their reflections on women’s solidarity and women’s rights.

At the beginning of the event, Ambassador Bakhtari expressed her gratitude to the guests and speakers for coming and said that Afghan women have made great achievements in the last 10 years, but that there still are challenges on the road ahead. Hamza Vahizi spoked about factors that keep Afghan women from participating in society, among them economically dependence on their husbands and family and the lack of education.

Dr. Shakira Zalmai emphasised the importance of women solidarity and called for Afghan women living in Norway to help their Afghan sisters to achieve their rights.

The next speaker Hangama Anwari, who work with human rights in Afghanistan, said that the developments in economy and politics in Afghanistan that have been taking place during the last decades have been positive for Afghan women. Afghan women now have a voice and they are fighting to be heard.

Following Anwari, Wajhma Forough expressed her view that Afghan men have to stop ignoring women and underlined that the only way for the women of Afghanistan to achieve their rights is for women to show their strengths and abilities.

After the formal program the Ambassador and the rest of the staff at the Afghan Embassy in Oslo personally thanked the guests, who then were served food and drinks and got the chance to mingle and further discuss women’s rights and empowerment.

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