Cultural and social meeting, organized by the Embassy of Afghanistan in Oslo, was held on Sunday, 14 April 2013.

A large group of Afghan Cultural Personalities, Afghan Associations and many Afghan women and men was gathered to discuss this year's cultural events in cooperation with the Embassy of Afghanistan in Oslo.

Ambassador Bakhtari opened the meeting by thanking the participants for their interest and participation and informed the audience about the Afghan Embassy’s work and activities. Ambassador Bakhtari also informed the participants about a new Afghan Embassy, which is scheduled to open in Sweden in the near future.

During the opening speech Ambassador Bakhtari highlighted the very importance of protecting our cultural heritage, but also encouraged all Afghans to get integrated into the Norwegian society and to respect Norwegian norms, laws and regulations, and its people and society. Mrs. Bakhtari encouraged all Afghans to maintain the values from both cultures and to live as role models in the Norwegian society.

After Ambassador Bakhtari's speech, the floor was open to the Minister Counselor at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Oslo Mr. Ahmad Jawed Mojadidy, who is also responsible for the Embassy's social and cultural activities. Mr. Mojadidy in his speech briefly explained the Afghan Embassy's goals, work and expectations in cultural events and in return asked participants to come up with their visions, ideas and proposals for future cultural events.

After Mr. Mojadidy`s speech, during the three-hour meeting, many of the participants got the opportunity to present their ideas, suggestions and contributions to this year's and future cultural events. Some of the proposals which include formation of an overarching cultural organization, preparation of teaching materials for children in their mother tongue, encouragement of young Afghans for more participation in cultural events and more cooperation between different Afghan Cultural Associations with each other and with the Afghan Embassy.

The Embassy of Afghanistan in Oslo is honored and looks forward to implement proposals in its cultural plans and activities for this year and in future.

The meeting was ended with some refreshments which were served the participants. 

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