Afghan Cricket Team, Fossum Cricket Club, in Norway winners of the 3th division in the season 2013

With the snow coming to Oslo, time had come for season ending and trophy ceremony for the 2013 Cricket season in Oslo, Norway. Afghanistan's Cricket team, Fossum Cricket Club, were on the winners list and our young men won the first place in the Third Division and are ready for the Second Division for season 2014. 

On behalf of the Afghan Embassy in Oslo, Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari participated at the medal ceremony to honor our country's young players and many other Afghan Cricket enthusiasts.

During the medal ceremony, Ambassador Bakhtari took the opportunity to thank the Norwegian Cricket Association for the invitation and honored our Afghan athletes for their hard efforts and encouraging results. In addition, Ambassador Bakhtari was honored to handout trophies for the winning woman participants of this season.

Ambassador Bakhtari during her speech highlighted the importance of youth’s participation in sport activities, and gave a special extra attention and praised the participation of female teams for the first time in the history of Cricket sport in Norway.

In conclusion, Ambassador Bakhtari encouraged all participants, especially Afghan athletes to continue with their sport carriers and wished the teams, players and the Norwegian Cricket Association best of luck in the future.

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