Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Børge Brende visits Afghanistan

Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Børge Brende made his first visit as Norway's Foreign Minister to Afghanistan this weekend.

During H.E. Børge Brende's visit to Afghanistan, the Norwegian Foreign Minister had discussions with President Mr. Hamid Karzai, Afghan Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Zarar Ahmad Osmaniand and other high-ranking government officials.

H.E. Zarar Ahmad Osmani welcomed the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affair to Afghanistan and during the discussions he briefed Mr. Brende about the development and current situation in Afghanistan.

H.E. Zarar Ahmad Osmani thanked his Norwegian counterpart for his country’s enormous support to Afghanistan in the past decade, saying that Afghanistan and the Afghan Government with the support of the international community has made progress towards a stable and democratic Afghanistan. During the talks with Mr. Brende, Afghan Foreign Minister highlighted Afghan government’s efforts towards strengthening human rights, women's rights and fight against corruption.

H.E. Mr. Osmani also emphasized the importance of the elections that will take place on April this year, and said that the transfer of power will go through an open and democratic general elections. H.E. Mr. Osmani said the current government paves the path for the presidential elections to be as democratic as it possible does.

H.E. Mr. Osmani also underlined that the process of the transformation of the security responsibilities over to the Afghanistan’s National Army is going well and that the 350,000 Afghan soldiers are capable of maintaining the security under the elections and beyond.

Norwegian Foreign Minister in return thanked his Afghan counterpart and showed great enthusiasm about the future developments in Afghanistan. He said building up the capacity of the Afghan National Army would be necessary for the improvement of the security challenges in Afghanistan. H.E. Mr. Brende also encouraged the Afghan government to strengthen the efforts towards human and women's rights in Afghanistan.    

H.E. Mr. Børge Brende during his visit to Afghanistan also visited Norwegian installations such as a Norwegian-built training facility for the Afghan anti-terror Forces. The last two years, it has been the main responsibility of the Norwegian Special Forces to train the Afghan anti-terror police, and Norway will continue to be engaged in the training program in the future.

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