Afghanistan Embassy in Oslo Celebrates Afghanistan Independence Day

On 19 August 2014, the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Oslo celebrated 95th anniversary of Afghanistan’s Independence Day at classic hall in Oslo.

On the occasion over 150 Representatives from various institutes, including :Ambassadors, diplomats, politicians, members of the ministry of foreign affairs, governmental figures, businessmen, members of Afghani community, NGOs, associations, civil societies, artists, had participated.

H.E. Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari opened the ceremony with a welcome speech and express gratitude to the Norwegian government and people for their support during difficult journey of Afghanistan towards development, peace and prosperity.

She stated: “This is an occasion to celebrate the freedom and to celebrate Afghanistan’s progress towards a better future and it is also a chance to look to the future - a future that people across Afghanistan are working hard to build in partnership with international community, joined together in a shared vision of a secure, stable and prosperous Afghanistan.”

Ambassador Bakhtari also said, 95 years ago in 1919 when king Amanullah announced Afghanistan’s independency from old Britain indeed he opened a new chapter in the political life of the country and Afghanistan enjoyed many progress and modernization on that time.

Ambassador Bakhtari underlined that after the collapse of Taliban regime the international community and the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has been cooperating to defeat terrorism and bring peace and stability to the region.

Ambassador Bakhtari also elaborated the significant achievement of Afghanistan’s government in the course of past 13 years:

  • The establishment of the modern constitution and a democratic government.
  • The end of Afghanistan’s isolationism as it was in the 90s.
  • The development of the education sector (over 11 million kids- 40 percent are women attend to schools).
  • More than 70 percent of the population of Afghanistan have access to healthcare.
  • More than 20 million people across the Afghanistan have access to phones or internet.
  • Freedom of media includes (89 TV Channels, 220 Radio Stations, 600 Newspapers) have activity right now in the country.
  • Increase of GDP from 311.4 billion Afghanis in 2005 to 978.3 billion Afghanis in 2012 is a big achievement.

At the end the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan drew attention of the participants to a historical documentary about the old Afghanistan.

After exchanging greetings on the Independence Day, the distinguished guests were served authentic Afghan cuisine with a variety of Afghan food specialties.

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