H.E. Ambassador Shukria Barakzai, attended the 21th Martyrdom Anniversary of Ostad Abdul Ali Mazari

The 21th martyrdom anniversary of Ostad Abdul Ali Mazari was held by Hussainya Said-ul-Shuhada in Oslo, Norway. A large number of scholars, intellectuals and young people from all around Europe participated at the anniversary.

Among the speakers at the anniversary, Ambassador Shukria Barakzai stated that Ostad Abdul Ali Mazari believed in one united Afghanistan, and Afghanistan for all, not only one race or tribe. 

H.E. Shukria Barakzai described every single demands of Ostad Abdul Ali Mazari, as foundations for national unity and a better Afghanistan. She said that unity brings peace, prosperity and development; if we keep our unity our enemies can’t take advantage. 

At the end of her remarks Ambassador Shukria Barakzai, said: “Fortunately the people of Afghanistan believe in unity and a united Afghanistan, I have personally seen this unity when I was working on Afghanistan’s constitutional law with my Colleagues. Recognition of personal status law of Shi'a Fiqh was discussed, we didn’t have a single objection vote and every member of the committee was in favor of recognizing it. That is a real sign of solidarity and that is real Afghanistan.”

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