Afghan Embassy in Oslo Commemorates Martyrs Week

The Embassy of Afghanistan in Oslo held a gathering with the participation of the diaspora, including representatives of several associations, on the occasion of Martyrs’ Week to pay tribute to the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for the cause of freedom, liberty, peace and prosperity in Afghanistan.

Ambassador Ghafoorzai highlighted that Martyrs’ Week is an occasion to recall and remember all who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and people during the most difficult stages in the country’s history.  He also noted that paying tribute to their memory is an important factor and highlighting the importance of public service and love of country and the nation to Afghanistan’s younger generations.

Furthermore, Ambassador Ghafoorzai remarked that today’s Afghanistan and its various achievements were made possible by the historic sacrifices of the people of Afghanistan.  In the context of up-coming peace talks between the Government of Afghanistan and the Taliban, he noted that preserving and advancing these gains would be a tribute to the memory and sacrifices of all martyrs of the nation.

At the end, the participants paid their tribute to all martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their country and people.