Ambassador Ghafoorzai held a Virtual Meeting with Lisa Golden, Director of the South Asia and Afghanistan Division at the Norwegian Foreign Ministry

On 14 April, Ambassador Youssof Ghafoorzai held a virtual meeting with Lisa Golden, Director of the South Asia and Afghanistan Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway.

They discussed the impact of Covid-19 pandemic in Afghanistan, Norway’s role in international efforts to address the threat worldwide, various aspects of ongoing efforts for a just, dignified and lasting peace in Afghanistan, that conforms with the demands and expectations of the people of Afghanistan, as well as other bilateral issues.

Ambassador Ghafoorzai gave an overview of Afghanistan’s comprehensive strategy in combatting Covid-19 in Afghanistan. In that regard, he stressed the importance of international support in the context of Afghanistan’s specific assistance needs to address the threat of the pandemic.

On peace efforts, he provided an update on the continued efforts of the Government of Afghanistan to advance peace efforts towards success, including release of Taliban prisoners to help move the process forward.

Director Lisa Golden expressed her government’s commitment to international relief efforts in combatting Covid-19 worldwide, including in Afghanistan. Norway would continue to support the efforts of the UN and World Bank in their efforts to assist combatting Covid-19 in Afghanistan.

Among other contributions to international relief efforts on the pandemic, Norway is also financing testing equipment which is being distributed through the IAEA in Vienna, in which Afghanistan is a member.

Ambassador Ghafoorzai emphasized the high value which Afghanistan placed on its bilateral relations with Norway, expressed appreciation for Norway’s important contributions in various areas, and reaffirmed Afghanistan’s commitment to further strengthening the Afghan-Norwegian partnership.