Ambassador Ghafoorzai Visits Oslo Metropolitan University 

On September 18th Ambassador Ghafoorzai visited OsloMet University at the invitation of its Rector, Mr. Curt Rice.  The purpose of the visit was to discuss several collaboration initiatives between OsloMet and relevant health and high education institutions of Afghanistan in the areas of occupational therapy, prosthetics, health sciences and orthotics.

Ambassador Ghafoorzai was welcomed by Mr. Curt Rice and visited the Orthopedic Engineering laboratories and the Motion Analysis Laboratory. He also met with Ms. Gro Jamtvedt, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences; Ms. Mona Dahl, Head of the Department of Occupational therapy, Prosthetics and Orthotics; and Associates Professors  Mr. Sadeeq Ali and Mr. Terje Gjøvåg.

Both sides discussed different areas of collaboration, including virtual training and research programs between health and medical professionals from Afghanistan and the Faculty of Health-Science of OlsoMet University,  periodic visits by Afghan health professionals for on-site training at faculties of OsloMet, joint research programs and other educational activities.

Ambassador Ghafoorzai gave an overview of the current challenges faced by Afghans with physical disabilities, resulting from landmines, other explosive devices, terrorist attacks in the country and disease. He commended the extensive work done by the Orthopedic Program of the International Committee of the Red Cross, which has helped more than 90.000 Afghan men and women since the start of its activity in 1988. Ambassador Ghafoorzai also underscored the importance of partnering with relevant institutions such as OsloMet to develop and strengthen Afghan capacity in these areas, with the goal of becoming self-reliant in supporting the needs of the Afghans with disabilities and the victims of war.

Both sides agreed upon continuing collaborating with more activities in the near future.