Ambassador Youssof Ghafoorzai’s Message on the Occasion of Norway’s Constitution Day

Today marks the 206th anniversary of the signing of Norway’s constitution. On this special and festive occasion, my colleagues and I at the Embassy of Afghanistan extend our congratulations to all Norwegians as they celebrate their National Day.

Relations between Afghanistan and Norway span close to six decades, dating back to 1962 when formal diplomatic relations between our two nations were established. Our two countries have always maintained ties of friendship and cordiality, and Norway has been a consistent and committed partner to Afghanistan since.

Norway’s invaluable contributions in various sectors as part of the international community’s support for Afghanistan over the past two decades has been paramount. Covering areas of governance, human rights, and rural development, to the health, education and security sectors, Norwegian assistance has had a tangible positive impact on Afghanistan’s sustained progress in these and other areas, despite challenges that remain.

On this occasion, we also remember and pay tribute to the memory of the Norwegian security forces who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in Afghanistan.  Their service and sacrifice to help advance peace and security and to enable a better and brighter future for the current and future generation of our people.  This will remain in the memory of all Afghans for many years to come.

Norway is also among the partner countries committed to supporting our efforts to achieve a just, dignified and lasting peace in the country, which remains a high priority for Afghanistan. This expression of support is greatly valued and appreciated by the people and government of Afghanistan.

More broadly, we also commend Norway’s important role and commitment to advancing a stronger multilateral international system, based on effective cooperation to overcome global challenges and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Fulfilling the 2030 Agenda remains a common  objective, and Norway’s leadership in this area is noteworthy.

The close ties of friendship and partnership between Afghanistan and Norway extend beyond the sphere of government, alone.  It’s also based on strong people to people connections. Norway is home to a large community of Afghan expatriates who are contributing to Norwegian society as professionals in various fields. Many in the diaspora community are using their experience and skills to assist in the socio-economic development of their fellow compatriots in Afghanistan.

We take pride in the fact that our bilateral relations have developed in scope and level and look forward to further enhancing our cooperation in the way forward. Once again, to all our Norwegian friends, congratulations as you celebrate your Constitution Day.