Message of Ambassador Youssof Ghafoorzai on the Occasion of International Day of Nowruz

On behalf of my colleagues and I at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Oslo, Norway, I convey warmest congratulations on the occasion of the International Day of Nowruz, which marks the onset of Spring and the start of the New Year.

Nowruz is also a time to reflect on the past and to approach the New Year with a new outlook: one of hope and confidence for a more joyous and harmonious year – manifested in peace, tranquility and prosperity for all of humanity.

This year, Nowruz has come upon us amidst a new threat and challenge: this time in the form of the coronavirus pandemic, which has spread across the globe with lightning speed and led to anxiety, fears and concern among peoples of different cultures, religions and nationalities – in various parts of the world.

This is – yet – another vivid reminder of the centrality of humanity in the context of global challenges and that cooperation between and among all countries is the best guarantee to overcome common challenges and ensure a more safe, harmonious and prosperous world for all.

Nowruz is an opportune moment for convergence: coming together to better recognize that the notion of shared destiny holds meaning and truth beyond what is often imagined, and to demonstrate the spirit of compassion, generosity, reconciliation and fraternity: principles that form the bed-rock of the single family of nations that is all of humanity.

In Afghanistan, the onset of Spring marks the beginning of another year of crucial importance. Efforts will continue to build upon and consolidate the foundational achievements of the past two-decades that embody today’s new Afghanistan.

By the same token, the new year also brings with it new prospects for ending the decades-long conflict that’s plagued our country and people.

The Government of Afghanistan is conducting its peace efforts with full determination and responsibility to ensure an outcome that reflects the demand and expectations of all Afghans and which is able to honor the memory of all Afghans who lost their precious lives in search of and for the cause of peace in their beloved country.

The same applies to all service-men and women of partners countries and organizations alike, who made the ultimate sacrifice serving to help secure peace in Afghanistan.

On that basis, achieving a  just, dignified and lasting peace that’s able to further consolidate democracy, human rights, fundamental freedoms and pluralism for current and future generations is a strategic imperative.

And in the broader context, Afghanistan’s national unity will remain our greatest source of strength and the ultimate factor in overcoming existing challenges in the country and achieving self-reliance and prosperity.

Once again, Nowruz Mubarak to all celebrating this festive holiday in Afghanistan and around the world and we wish you all a new year of good-health, happiness and prosperity!