Bonn Agreement

The Agreement on Provisional Arrangements in Afghanistan Pending the Re-Establishment of Permanent Government Institutions, more commonly known as the Bonn Agreement, was the first of a series of agreements designed to re-build the state of Afghanistan following the U.S. invasion in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In December 2001, a group of prominent Afghans and world leaders met in Bonn, Germany under United Nation auspices to design an ambitious agenda that would guide Afghanistan towards “national reconciliation, a lasting peace, stability, and respect for human rights”, culminating in the establishment of a fully representative government.

The Bonn Agreement has provided the basis for the foundation of many political and civil institutions in Afghanistan through commissions such as the Constitutional Commission – which was established to draft a new constitution in consultation with the public.

Other important commissions include the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, the Counter-Narcotics Directorate, and of course the Judicial Commission – which provided the framework for the establishment of the legal system of Afghanistan.

To read the full text of the Bonn Agreement, please visit:

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