The Cabinet

The Cabinet of Ministers consists of the heads of all the government ministries.

The first cabinet following the Bonn Agreement was appointed by President Karzai upon formation of the transitional government in 2002. The transitional cabinet was dissolved after the parliamentary elections on September 18th, 2005.

After winning a second term, President Hamid Karzai nominated 23 ministers in December 2009 to be part of his new administration, where of 7 were approved by the Afghan Parliament. Karzai presented a second list of candidates to the Wolesi Jirga in January 2010. In June 2010, President Karzai submitted 7 names for a third round of confirmation in the parliament.

After winning the election in 2014, H.E. President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani nominated new Ministers in January 2015 to be part of his new administration, where of 8 were approved by the Afghan Parliament. 

The current Afghan Cabinet (2015-2019) has 25 Ministers, where of 24 are approved by the Parliament.

First Vice President

Second Vice President
H.E. General Abdul Rashid Dustom H.E. Mohammad Sarwar Danish 



Acting Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Foregin Affairs
Ministry of Education
 H.E. Masoom Stanekzai
H.E. Salhuddin Rabbani H.E. Assadullah Hanif Balkhi  
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Ministry of Economy
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Justice
H.E. Abdul Sattar Murad  H.E. Eklil Ahmad Hakimi
H.E. Abdul Basir Anwar 
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 Ministry of Information
and Culture
Ministry of Women's

Ministry of Higher Education 

H.E. Abdul Bari Jahani
H.E. Dilbar Nazari 

H.E. Farida Mohmand   
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Ministry of Commerce and Industries
Ministry of Water & Energy
Ministry of Transportation and Civil Aviation
H.E. Humayoon Rasaw 
H.E.  Ali Ahmad Osmani
H.E Muhammadullah Batash 
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 Ministry of Public Health Ministry of Haj and Islamic Affairs  Ministry of Public Works 
H.E. Firozuddin Firoz
H.E. Faiz Mohammad Osmani H.E. Mahmoud Baligh  

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Ministry of Counter Narcotics

Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock

Ministry of Communication and Information Technology

 H.E. Salamat Azimi
 H.E. Assadullah Zameer 
H.E. Abdul Razaq Vahedi
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Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Developement

Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyred, and Disabled
Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs
H.E. Nasir Ahmad Durrani  H.E. Nasrin Oryakhil
H.E. Mohammad Gulab Mangal 
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Ministry of Urban Developement
Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation
Ministry of Mines
and Petroleum

H.E. Sayed Mansur Naderi
 H.E Sayed Hussain Alimi Balkhi
H.E. Daud Shah Saba 
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Minister of the Interior

 H.E Noor-ur-Haq Ulomi 

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