Afghan oil and gas adventure in making

– The development of a hydrocarbon industry in Afghanistan will contribute to stability in the country, says Ambassador Jawed Ludin.

Updated: (4.24.2009)

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan recently launched its first bidding round for contracts to explore and produce oil and gas in the northern regions of the country.

Identifying the utilization of Afghanistan’s natural and underground resources, in particular oil and gas, as the best way to ensure lasting economic development for the country, the Ambassador of Afghanistan to the Nordic countries, Mr. Jawed Ludin, encourages potential investors from Norway and other Nordic countries to take interest in the bidding process.

– Afghanistan today is among the poorest countries on earth, and this poverty is a factor in its continued instability. But we need not be poor, or unstable. Afghanistan is a big country, and hugely blessed with natural resources, most of which have not yet been accessed or even discovered. I think the best way the international community - countries who are concerned about poverty and under-development in Afghanistan - can contribute to lasting development, is to help us utilize our natural resources, says Ambassador Ludin.

– Despite the relative insecurity in the southern and eastern parts of the country, northern Afghanistan is secure and conducive to investment of any scale. We really hope that credible, international companies will come forward to help us develop our hydrocarbon industry, the Ambassador adds.

The bidding round comprises three different blocks in the northern areas of Afghanistan. All three blocks have known hydrocarbon-bearing accumulations: The Jangalikalan block contains a gas field, the Juma-Bashikurd block has two gas fields, and the Kashkari block holds three oil fields. Apart from the Angoat field in Kashkari, none of the fields have previously been in sustained production.

Between April 26 and May 15, the Ministry of Mines of the Afghan government will be travelling to five different destinations world wide to present the hydrocarbon bidding round. These locations are: Dubai (April 26), London (April 28), Calgary (May 5), Houston (May 7) and Singapore (May 15).

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