Factory will boost Afghan carpet industry

The first-ever Afghan carpet scissoring and washing factory is established in the eastern Nangarhar province. It is believed that the factory will boost the Afghan carpet industry, the Afghan news agency Quqnoos reports. Below is a translation of the article on their website.

Updated: (4.18.2009)

By Qadeem Weyar

The factory has provided jobs for 400 locals, and processes the two final steps of producing carpets that have previously not been not possible in Afghanistan due to lack of resources.

The factory is initiated by the provincial handicraft department with a 350 000 USD funds from the United States Agency for International Development, USAID.

In addition to finalizing the carpets, that are woven across the country, the factory has a separate weaving section, in which a large number of skilled locals are engaged.

The factory is supplied with modern equipments and built up with international standards.

Carpet weavers are still taking their pure handicrafts to Pakistan for washing and scissoring it, but this factory is hoped to shrink down the problems of traders, as it provides facilities inside Afghanistan.

"The problems of the entire carpet wavers and merchants will be solved with the establishment of this factory," says Zia Rahman Zia, head of the factory.

He says that more than 2 million square meters of carpet is produced in Afghanistan so far, but to finalise the product, they have to get washed and scissored in Pakistan.

Opening the new factory sparks hope for a better future of carpet industry in Afghanistan, and traders say it willl have a huge positive impact on the famous Afghan product.

The Ministry of commerce and Tanweer, a private investment company, have opened a market for Afghan carpets in Dubai, The United Arabs Emirates.

According to him, Afghan carpets will be channaled to the world through Dubai.

Afghanistan is popular in handicrafts and carpet weaving; a part of it has an admired international market.

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