World Bank extends funds for Afghan projects

The World Bank will provide USD 6 millions to the Afghan government to boost development activities in the outskirts of the country. Below is a translation of the article that appeared on the website of the Afghan news agency Quqnoos.

Updated: (4.14.2009)

By Zabihullah Jhanmal

Officials of the World Bank said the massive budget is designed to implement a part of the National Development Strategy, NDS, wrapping a thriving rural development effort, the National Solidarity Program, NSP.

The donation roots from a three-year strategy for the Afghan government to execute the projects listed in the development plan of the country.

"The money will be channeled through the government of Afghanistan for the projects," said Nick Krafft, World Bank country director in Afghanistan.

He said the donation will go to education, road building and electricity projects identified as crucial needs in the Afghan rural areas.

The World Bank chairman for Afghanistan said the new strategy also involves to boost ties with the Afghan government – enabling them to generate plans for development of the rural sector.

He said they will review their strategy for Afghanistan when the new government takes power later this year, to strengthen the coordination with the Afghan part.

The Afghan Ministry of Finance says the new World Bank strategy ‘Afghanise' the leading role for implementation of the projects.

The World Bank is one of the main donors to the Afghan government, and has provided more than a billion dollars, mainly in the reconstruction fields.

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