Multilateral Efforts

The EU’s current Country Strategy Paper for Afghanistan (CSPA) aims to strike a balance between the continuation of existing, successful programmes and new priorities in response to the changes in the country since the publication of the last CSP. There are three focal sectors: rural development, governance and health.

In the context of its governance programmes EU assistance will particularly address reform of the Justice Sector as re-confirmed during a high-level conference on the Rule of Law hosted by the Italian Government on 2/3 July 2007 in Rome. Denmark contributes to this effort. The 1st of June 2007 EU initiated the police mission EUPOL Afghanistan, a mission that aims at contributing to the establishment of sustainable and effective civilian policing arrangements under Afghan ownership and in accordance with international standards. EUPOL Afghanistan builds on the efforts of the GPPO (German Police Project Office) and other international actions in the field of police and the rule of law. It aims at bringing together individual national efforts under an EU hat, taking due account of the relevant Community activities. The Danish government contributes 8 policemen and one high-ranking official to the mission. A Dane, Mr Kai Vittrup was appointed as the new Head of the EU Police Mission in Afghanistan. He succeeds Brigadier-General Jürgen Scholz as from 16 October 2008.

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