Ambassador Ludin speaks at meeting about Iraq

H.E. Ambassador Jawed Ludin represented Afghanistan at the International Compact with Iraq (ICI) Annual Review conference on May 29th, 2008 in Stockholm. The ICI was launched on May 3rd, 2007, and is a partnership between Iraq and the international community supported by a framework of mutual commitments. It recognizes that resolving the security and political challenges facing the country, strengthening good governance and providing basic services are essential to achieving long-term stability and sustainable development in Iraq. Below is a transcript of Mr. Ludins speech.

Updated: (5.30.2008)

Your Excellency Deputy Prime Minister Salih,

On behalf of my President and the people of Afghanistan, I congratulate the government and the people of Iraq on successfully completing the first year of the international compact with Iraq.

Few would share the hopes and fears of the Iraqi people more genuinely than the people of Afghanistan. By the same measure, few would understand more than us the high stakes that are involved for the international community to stay the course in the helping the Iraqi people.

Needless also to tell you that Iraq and Afghanistan, while two countries with different experiences present very similar challenges to the world. We are two countries aspiring to full integration in regional and global economies, to building democratic institutions and more importantly, to living in the peace and stability amongst ourselves and with the rest of the world. We need the help of our regional partners and that of the international community to be able to achieve our aspirations.

Today I get inspiration from the success of the international compact with Iraq, judging by the positive outcome of this review meeting. I believe there is a great deal more that Afghanistan and Iraq can learn from each other.

Iraq and Afghanistan both have responsibilities too, none greater than our responsibilities to root out extremism from our societies. This menace is preventing our progress and posing great threat to international peace.


In two week time, Afghanistan will be holding a similar conference in Paris with help from the government of France and the United Nations. We are hoping that the international community will, once again, renew its full commitment to Afghanistan’s recovery and development in that conference.

And may I add that, whether in Iraq or in Afghanistan, our success is equally the success of the international community. Within the international community’s support none of our achievements would have been possible. So, in congratulating Iraq today, I also congratulate the international community collectively for making Iraq’s success possible.

Your Excellency Deputy Prime Minister Salih,

Our two countries are not just friends with deep historical and cultural ties; we have been interest in each other’s success. So I conclude by wishing both Iraq and Afghanistan the best of success.

Thank You

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