Spanta condemns re-printing of Mohammad cartoons

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, Dr Rangin Dadfar Spanta, who is currently on an official visit to Denmark, addressed a joint press conference with his Danish counterpart Foreign Minister Dr Per Stig Møller today. In the press conference Dr Spanta condemned the re-printing of the Prophet Mohammad caricatures in Danish newspapers.

Updated: (3.03.2008)

After the Danish police arrested three individuals suspected for the conspiracy to kill the Danish cartoonist, Danish media decided to re-print the caricatures. Minister Spanta said that the reprinting of the cartoons provoked and offended one billion Muslims around the world. The real answer to this terrorist act would have been to bring them to court, but not to re-print the cartoons as some kind of vengeance. Dr Spanta called this act a deliberant way of strengthening the idea of a “clash of civilizations”.

Dr Spanta stated that: “Freedom of speech is the most fundamental value in a democratic society, but no freedom can allow insult to people’s dignity, or a mockery of people’s religious beliefs. Far from furthering the process of enlightenment, such abuses of freedoms in democratic societies are provocative and dangerous, serving the cause of extremism in the same way that fundamentalisms of other type do in other societies. “

Islam is a religion of peace and freedom. The extremists- Taleban and Al Queda- are looking for these kinds of reasons to provoke Muslims and turn more people against the Western presence in Afghanistan. To have a safe and more peaceful, democracy and free-speech must be promoted, but also the respect of other beliefs and ideas, Dr Spanta concluded.

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