President Karzai Receives Elders from North and Northeastern Provinces

President Hamid Karzai met on Tuesday in the Palace with a number of elders, notables and MPs and heads of provincial councils from the north and northeastern provinces.

Updated: (2.28.2008)

Speaking on behalf of others, Lutfullah Azizi from Takhar Provincial Council and Sayed Farukhshah from Faryab Provincial Council underlined the current achievements and challenges they are facing and proposed that seeking solution for a dispute through local Jirgas and other similar traditional means can be more effective.

The participants urged that people in the north are fully supportive of the current elected government and its policies. “Government’s programs such as the DDR, DIAG and counter narcotics efforts are successful by the people’s support in reaching the goal of a social prosperity”, insisted the participants.

The participants believed that the recent tension between Gen. Dostum and Akbar Bai of the Turks Association can be best solved through talks and peaceful means.

The President hailed any peaceful settlement to a dispute and said he was sure that the elders would do the right thing for the sake of the good of the country.

The President appreciated the traditional means to settle social disputes but said the request by the elders and his obligation to implement the law have placed him between two “ pressing stones ” adding that he is pleased to see the elders, but it is also his duty to uphold the rule of law.

The President tied a prosperous and stable Afghanistan into equality before law by every Afghan citizen.

The President instructed the Attorney General, who was also present in the meeting to tackle in accordance with law the despute between Gen. Dostum and Akbar Bai.

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