Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari attended a seminar at Oslo University

Recently Oslo University organized a seminar “Afghanistan a forgotten debate” for masters program. Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari, Kristian Berg Harpviken, Elisabeth Eide, and Ola Bøe-Hanson were the panelist attended this seminar

Updated: (1.19.2010)

Date 16th Nov 09
Recently Oslo University organized a seminar “Afghanistan a forgotten debate” for masters program. Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari, Kristian Berg Harpviken, Elisabeth Eide, and Ola Bøe-Hanson were the panelist attended this seminar.
In her opening remarks, Ambassador Bakhtari expressed the gratitude of the government and the people of Afghanistan to the Norwegian people and government for their generous contribution towards reconstruction, stability and security of Afghanistan. Ambassador added: “We know that our allies ask themselves that why are we sacrificing in Afghanistan? As the Afghan Ambassador I would like to say that the people of Afghanistan are the real victims of terrorist. We want our society to be free of terrorism, extremism and radicalism. And we want peace, prosperity and democracy as any other nation of the world.” Ambassador had a glimpse on corruption and said: “The reason of corruption and weak management in the present government is that we were subjected to almost three decades of conflict and destructions in our country.”
Ambassador Bakhtari said, “She visited Norwegian PRT in October and appreciated the Norwegian contribution towards reconstruction and stability in Faryab province. She said among other contributions, the Norwegian PRT in Maimana has built 80 schools, organized vocation training courses and literacy course for people of the Faryab province.”
Mean while Ambassador explored on war in the country and said: “The war in our country is not a domestic conflict. It is an international war which we all have equal responsibility towards. Taliban are not just an insurgents group, they are international terrorists. She added that it is true that some people joined Taliban because they are not happy with the current government but unquestionably they are not among the leadership. If United Nations and our allies leave Afghanistan alone in such a critical situation, undeniably once again Afghanistan will turn into a safe haven for International terrorists.”
Mrs. Ambassador pointed out: “Coalition forces in Afghanistan need a comprehensive strategy to fight terrorism and extremism.” She added: “With all those difficulties and obstacles that the Afghan government faced in the last eight years, the government has great achievements. I would like to confess, these achievements were not possible without the International help and support.” United Nations and our ally countries should focus on training of Afghan National army and police forces, so they can stand on their own feet and take over the responsibility of security of Afghanistan, said Ambassador Bakhtari.
Concerning Taliban, Ambassador added: “The government of Afghanistan is ready to negotiate with Taliban to bring peace, security and stability in Afghanistan but its possible after Taliban agrees to lay down their weapons and accept the Afghan constitution and political achievements.”
Director of PRIO Mr. Kristian Berg Harpviken said: “Afghanistan is not a forgotten debate; today Norwegian media is more active than ever about Afghanistan, which is a positive sign.” He added: “The situation in Afghanistan is very critical; killing of civilians by NATO forces and attack on United Nation’s staff makes it worse. Though the situation in Afghanistan is not bad yet as Iraq to have a green zone but it could be if we do not work to improve the situation.”
Ms. Elisabeth Eide expressing her view about the situation of Afghanistan said; situation in Afghanistan is not as bad as you hear from the international media. She added, if moderate Taliban have been invited to the Bonn conference in 2001, situation would have been different today. Negotiation with Taliban are much difficult than it was in 2001. Today I am not sure if we can reconcile with Taliban, said Ms. Eide.
Mr. Ola Bøe-Hansen said: “Afghan people never want Taliban to be back in power, therefore we are in Afghanistan and it is our responsibility to provide security to the Afghan people. He added, world should not forget and leave Afghanistan, at this crucial situation, by itself as the world did when Russia left Afghanistan. He asked international community to focus more on the training and equipping Afghan army and police forces.

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