Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari invited as main speaker by the Socialist Left Party of Norway

Ambassador Manizah Bakhtari was invited as main speaker to a seminar organized by members of women committee of the Socialist Left Party of Norway on “Rules of women in Middle East crisis” on 20th Nov 2009.

Updated: (1.20.2010)

Speaking at the seminar concerning on how women dissolve crisis in Middle East and particularly in Afghanistan, Mrs. Ambassador said: “Constitution of Afghanistan has accepted men and women to have equal rights and opportunities. During Taliban’s regime women were deprived from all their civil rights. But in the current government women are forming 28% of the Afghan parliament and their presence in the government is magnificent.

In her speech, Mrs. Ambassador added: “Though more than hundreds of social and political institutions are working actively to bring an evolution and change in life of women in Afghanistan, unfortunately women in Afghanistan still haven’t got a comprehensive social movement in the country.” Mrs. Ambassador believes the reason behind all these problems are the socio-economical, cultural and literacy problems. Mrs. Ambassador requested the host country to facilitate high education opportunities for Afghan women.

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