Finland increases its support to Afghanistan

Finland is increasing its support to the stabilization and reconstruction of Afghanistan.

Updated: (1.23.2010)

In a press release dated 22.01.2010 the Finnish Ministry of Defence stated that the President and the Cabinet Committee on Foreign and Security Policy discussed Finland's contribution to the stabilization and reconstruction process of Afghanistan. Finland will increase its support to Afghanistan.

The press release further stated that support to Afghanistan requires a comprehensive approach with an emphasis on strengthening Afghan capacity on all levels of administration, to assume responsibility over the country’s development and security situation. Finland aims to allocate a larger proportion of its development cooperation funding to the northern provinces of Afghanistan.
Finland’s participation in the EU police mission will be increased and the aim is to target these resources to northern Afghanistan.

Finnish military crisis management personnel will rise temporarily by over 50 soldiers, increasing the total forces to a maximum of 195 soldiers by the beginning of 2011.

The news of increasing support to Afghanistan by the Finish officials was welcomed by H.E Manizha Bakhtari, Afghan Ambassador to the Nordic countries.
Afghanistan has excellent diplomatic relations with Finland being one of the nations that has always participated in crisis management tasks and development cooperation in Afghanistan, The government of Afghanistan sincerely appreciates the efforts and assistance by the government of Finland to Afghanistan.

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