Advanced Police-Prosecutor Coordination Training Program

Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari attended an opening ceremony of the first Finish Module of Advance Police – Prosecutor Coordination Training Program on Tuesday, the ninth of February, 2010, in Finland.

Updated: (2.19.2010)

Ambassador Manizah Bakhtari welcomed Afghan delegation and thanked the Republic of Finland, in particular the Crisis Management Center of Finland and the EUPOL, for accepting and organizing the Advanced Police- Prosecutor coordination Training Program for the Police forces and prosecutors of Afghanistan.
While she was delivering her speech, she said: “I am very grateful to the people and the government of Finland for funding and implementing such a fantastic program. The government of Finland has constantly tried to take part in reconstruction, peace and prosperity of our country. I would like to take the opportunity and notify you that your contributions and supports are in the hearts and minds of Afghanistan’s people, and will be highly appreciated.
As well, I would like to welcome Afghanistan Delegation in this distinguished gathering in my capacity as the ambassador of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Nordic countries. Most welcome!

Afghanistan has been calling up on priorities which have to be taken into consideration. We seek international support based on our priorities in our partnership with International allies. The most significant priority for Afghanistan is to build, strengthen and train Afghan national security forces.
As it was agreed between the international community and the government of Afghanistan in London conference, to hand over security responsibilities from International Security Assistance Forces to Afghan forces, it is very important to have a trained and well equipped security forces to tackle the challenges in the country.
Enabling Afghans to secure Afghanistan and building up Afghanistan’s security institutions, and training capable Afghan police force who can deal with main challenges is significant, though it is a long term task.
To train and mentor police is key elements that provide to set out a transition period for them to gradually take over more responsibilities. In this context the Rule of Law is the main subject. It requires close partnership and mutual understanding and mutual responsibilities between police and prosecutor. Improving coordination is the most important thing; coordination in the term of effectiveness of activities and to mobilize all efforts in accordance of interrelated needs of Afghan people. All efforts must be coordinated more closely.
The importance of this training program is obvious. It is essential to have coordination between police and prosecutor to drive ahead our objectives with rule of law in the country. I am sure that our Afghan fellows are going to learn much through practices and procedures of Finish Police- prosecutors.

I believe the most sustainable strategy to move Afghanistan forward, is to build an effective and well-equipped Afghan police force, to fight terrorism, poppy cultivation, trafficking and other challenges and create a reliable partner in the region. We seek a similar type of support for our police force, which needs a proper training, equipment and discipline.
I am assured that this training will enhance both the knowledge and the skill of All participants and I hope that Participants be succeed to draft an Afghan Police- prosecutor coordination Manual.”

The objective of the Training Program in Finland is to enhance police-prosecutor coordination in Afghanistan. There is a recognized gap in current Rule of Law training programs in terms of advanced, broadly based Police-Prosecutor Coordination training. This program aims to remedy this gap by bringing together a group of senior Afghan police officers and prosecutors to examine and assess current coordination practices together with the Finnish, EUPOL and AFG police and prosecution experts. The Training Program takes place both in Afghanistan and Finland. The main objective of the training modules organized in Finland to familiarize the participants with the practices and procedures of the Finnish Police-Prosecutor coordination in order to provide incentives and tools to enhance the coordination procedures and practices in pretrial investigations in Afghanistan. Enhanced coordination between the Police and Prosecutors in pre-trial criminal investigation will be, by promoting fairness and success in pre-trial investigations, enhance serving of justice, including human rights, for all the Afghans.

The Police-Prosecutor Coordination Manual

One of the main products of the Training Program is an Afghan Police-Prosecutor Coordination Manual, which will be drafted by the participants. Together with the adjoining training manual this Manual will, once introduced and approved, strengthen the Police- Prosecutor coordination practices in Afghanistan. It will also provide police-prosecutor coordination mentors with a handbook for mentoring. Likewise, the Manual can be used as a study material in the Afghan MoI and AGO training institutions as well as in University law faculties.

Training Participants

There are 20 participants in the program from the Afghan MoI and AGO. In addition, there are participants from the Supreme Court of Afghanistan, Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association (AIBA) bringing the total number of participants to 23 in the pilot phase of the training program.

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