President Karzai Attends Afghan-US Strategic Dialogue in Washington

President Hamid Karzai took part on Tuesday 12th of May 2010, at a meeting of strategic discussions among the Afghan and American officials held in the State Department in Washington.

Updated: (5.12.2010)

The Secretary of State welcomed President Karzai and his delegation on the first full day of a visit to Washington and reaffirmed her country’s long term commitment to Afghanistan.

Hillary Clinton pledged that the United States “will not abandon the Afghan people” as she opened talks with President Karzai.

Mrs Clinton told Afghan and American Cabinet officials assembled at the State Department: “As we look towards a responsible orderly transition in the international combat mission in Afghanistan, we will not abandon the Afghan people. Our civilian commitment will remain long into the future.”

She also praised Afghanistan Cricket Team’s performance in the world twenty championships.

Secretary Clinton described Afghanistan’s achievements as tremendous pointing at “emerging and vibrant civil society, burgeoning free press, growing telecom industry, healthcare system, and an expanding education system”

She further said in the strategic dialogue working groups, senior officials from our two governments will discuss the concrete steps needed to achieve Afghanistan's security and development goals.

President Karzai thanked the US for all its military and civilian efforts in helping Afghanistan and its people to be able to make this immense progress which he said would have not been possible without the sacrifices of the American sons and daughters in Afghanistan together with the Afghan people.

The President spoke highly of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, U.S. commander of the international force in Afghanistan for the efforts he is putting in for the protection of civilian population.

President Karzai also told Secretary Clinton that he is asking the U.S. to support a long-term development strategy, "so Afghanistan can in a few years' time not be any more a burden on your shoulders, so that Afghanistan can stand on its own feet, so Afghanistan can defend its country, so that Afghanistan can feed its people with its own income, so we can pay for our lives from our own pockets."


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