President Obama Welcomes President Karzai to White House on 12 of May 2010

At a meeting in the White House between President Obama and President Karzai on Wednesday, a wide range of issues including Afghanistan’s security, socio-economic development, good governance and issues of regional importance were discussed.


Updated: (5.14.2010)

Following in-depth talks, both the leaders appeared at a joint press conference.

President Obama underlined the importance of need for stronger ties, enhanced mutual cooperation and expanded strategic partnership between governments and peoples of the two countries.

President Obama urged that the partnership is based on shared interests and objectives, as well as mutual respect
Recognizing the courage and determination of the Afghan people to resist violent extremists and to ensure that Afghanistan does not once again become a safe haven for terrorists, including al-Qaeda, President Obama declared that a sovereign, stable, secure, peaceful, and economically viable Afghanistan that has friendly relations with all its neighbours and countries in the region is vital to regional stability and global security.

President Obama praised the Afghan Government’s deep resolve to assume increasing responsibility for security and reaffirmed his commitment for transferring the responsibility of detention facilities to Afghan government.

The US President also expressed regret over the loss of civilian lives and committed to redouble efforts to prevent civilian casualties.

President Karzai thanked the US government for the hospitality and for all its contributions without which he said the achievements Afghanistan has made would not have been possible.

President Karzai appreciated the sacrifices American sons and daughters are taking alongside Afghans and other allies for a better future for Afghanistan and to the world.

President Karzai commended the recent efforts by the international troops that have led to a reduction in civilian casualties, house searches and night raids and urged for the need to further equip afghan security forces for a gradual and conditions-based transition of security responsibility.

President Karzai welcomed the United States’ pledge of continued support to train, equip, and sustain the Afghan National Security Forces, so they can increasingly take the lead in securing and defending their country against internal and external threats.

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