Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg visits Afghanistan

President Hamid Karzai met on Monday 17 May 2010, with Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister of Norway in the Presidential Palace in Kabul.

Updated: (5.18.2010)

Discussions in the meeting focused on several issues including expanded bilateral relations and Norway’s commitment to Afghanistan’s reconstruction.

Prime Minister Stoltenberg said Norway helps Afghanistan with $ 124 million annually through the European Union, placing Norway the third largest contributor to Afghanistan after Britain and Germany.

Norwegian PM said his country would continue to stand with the people of Afghanistan in their efforts to build stronger security institutions, promote democracy and ensure human rights.

President Karzai welcomed the PM to Kabul and thanked Norway for all its contributions to Afghanistan. 

The President briefed the Prime Minister on the plans underway for Consultative Peace Jirgah and the coming up Kabul Conference, to soon be convened. 

Afghanistan’s Parliamentary elections, for which over 2600 people have registered was another matter discussed.

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