Governor Abdul Haq Shafaq on an Official visit to Norway

Governor of Faryab Abdul Haq Shafaq, arrived in Oslo for an official visit on Tuesday 18th Apr 2010, to hold meetings with Mr. Jonas Gahr Store Minister of Foreign Affairs, Norwegian Minister of Defence Grete Faremo, Norwegian Provincial Reconstruction team-commander Rune Solberg, Mayor of Oslo Fabian Stang, Former head of Norwegian Provincial Reconstruction team, Assistance Director General Erik Hansen, Special Advisor Axel Christopher Mykleby, Governor of Oslo and Akershus counties, participate in the seminar at the Norwegian Atlantic Committee and visit the members of parliament at Stortinget.


Updated: (5.21.2010)

The Governor of Faryab thanked the Norwegian people and government for their support provided to people of Afghanistan over the past eight years. Elaborating on the developments in Faryab province he said, even though the security situation in our country was challenging, but Faryab province with the assists of our alliances achieved a lot in providing health care, improving education system, providing security to the civilians and confronting the narcotics issue.

The Norwegian authorities reiterated the continuation of their country’s support for Afghanistan in the long run. They said Norway is going to stand side by side with the Afghan people and Government to tackle the challenges that Afghanistan is facing together with their international allies. Currently, Norway is the third largest contributor in Europe after United Kingdom and Germany in Afghanistan reconstruction effort.

The Norwegian Atlantic Committee held a seminar on 21th Apr 2010, for the Governor of Faryab province to highlight the current situation over there.  

At the beginning the Governor of Faryab Abdul Haq Shafaq, thanked the Norwegian Atlantic Committee for organizing such an event, and presented his gratitude to the Norwegian government and people for their generous contribution towards reconstructing of Faryab province and over all in Afghanistan. The Governor also had a briefly speech on social, economical, political, terrorism and drugs problem in Faryab province.

The Governor emphasized that, over the past eight years, the government of Afghanistan and Norwegian provisional Reconstruction Teams together achieved important results in Faryab province.

Elaborating on the achievements in Faryab province he said: “we have started everything in Faryab from zero and now through your contributions around 24,000 students are going to primary and secondary schools, including 10,000 girls. In last two years we constructed 9 vocational training centers for girls which we are looking forward to build 16 more in deferent districts, we brought the opium cultivation to 0%, asphalted around 1900 km of roads, very soon Faryab will have an airport according to the international standards. We trained around 10,000 police officers, violence against women decreased by 52% in last two years. The Governor emphasized that it is a big achievements but not enough, because we preserve more.” He said “The key is to continue along the course we have taken. To do otherwise, would be to take the wrong turning at this critical point.”

At the end of Seminar the Governor also answered some questions asked by the participants.


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