The Embassy of Afghanistan in Oslo strongly condemns yesterday's article in Aftenposten stating that Afghanistan confirms Chinese pressure in relation to the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo.  

Updated: (12.09.2010)

When Aftenposten contacted the Embassy on Tuesday 07 December, Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari was in Brussels attending a conference. The Ambassador and the diplomats never gave any kind of interview or confirmation regarding this topic.

The only comment given by the Embassy was that the Ambassador of Afghanistan to Norway has received instructions from the Government of Afghanistan not to attend the ceremony. The Embassy had no further comment regarding this.
Afghanistan is a sovereign state and all its decisions are made consciously. As a free and independent country Afghanistan will not accept any political pressure from other countries.

Aftenposten falsely concluded from this comment, and the Embassy strongly condemns this. Aftenposten should revise their statement and apologize regarding this immediately!

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