Ambassador Bakhtari attended Conference in Stockholm

Two days before Women’s Day, the Afghan Pen Club hosted a conference on women’s rights in Stockholm. Ambassador Bakhtari and Ann Wilkens from the Swedish committee for Afghanistan spoke on the challenges of gender equality in Afghanistan.

Updated: (3.08.2011)

On Sunday 6 March, Ambassador Bakhtari attended and spoke at a conference concerning women’s rights, in Stockholm. About 200 people attended the meeting, which was arranged by the Afghan Pen Club. The speakers included Ambassador Bakhtari and Ann Wilkens, President of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan. Afterwards there was a panel debate with a discussion between the speakers, followed by many questions from the audience. Ambassador Bakhtari thought this meeting was a nice way to start the celebration of Women’s Day. The Ambassador spoke on the topic: “Recognizing the role of Afghan women in favor of freedom, and the fight against gender inequality and injustice”. In her speech, she talked about how to meet the challenges of women’s rights and gender inequality in Afghanistan, especially from the point of view of educated women, and on how women all around the world have common interests when it comes to these matters:

“Experiences from different countries have shown that women’s movements are formed by different intellectual and political characters. In other words, regardless of their social, economic, intellectual and political perspectives, women worldwide in a coalition, formed broad social movements to fight for equal rights and gender equality as a social group for their common interests. … Women should realize that they are carrying a common interest anywhere in the world and that their demands are only achievable by solidarity and understanding of their position against patriarchal policies. There is no doubt that women all over the world, due to engagement in different movements, have different interests and are classified in different groups. Despite these differences, in their fight for the cause of freedom they will find out their common interest and be united in search for the solution.”

H.E. Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari

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