King Carl Gustaf of Sweden is pleased to visit Afghanistan

King Carl Gustaf of Sweden visited Afghanistan for several days last week. His visit was kept a secret and he returned to Sweden on Saturday 16 April.

Updated: (4.18.2011)

King Carl Gustav had for a long time been looking forward to visiting Afghanistan and the Swedish ISAF-forces. The King officially opened Camp Monitor in Shibirghan, and in his speech he said that the work that the Swedish soldiers do is impressive, and that he was pleased to be able to take part in their everyday lives. The King pointed out that he himself, as well as the Swedish people fully supports the Swedish mission in Afghanistan.

King Carl Gustaf was given a broad introduction to the current situation for the Swedish soldiers in Afghanistan. The King commented that he could understand that the cooperation between the different countries, and all other parties, is not easy. During his stay in Afghanistan, the King also visited the soldiers and officers at PRT Mazar-e-Sharif, Camp Northern Lights and the Swedish helicopter forces in Camp Marmal.

King Carl Gustav of Sweden cuts the ribbon to open Camp Monitor in Shibirghan.
Photo: Mikael Wallentin Åström/FS 20/Försvarsmakten/Scanpix

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