H.E. Amina Afzali

Ministry of Work, Social Affairs, Martyred, and Disabled

H.E. Amena Safi Afzali was born in 1957 in Herat city. She completed her higher education in faculty of science of Kabul University in 1978. After she graduated, she taught at Mehri High school in Herat province. Ms. Afzali established the 'Muslim Sisters Association' overseas, continuing their activities till 1992. She then established the 'Islamic Movement of Women of Afghanistan' in Kabul in 1993, defending women's rights and providing for growth of Afghan girls potentialities as well as their involvement in political and cultural activities.

Minister Afzali is also the founder of Educational and Training Centers for women, as well as the first free school in Kabul in 1994. Several publications, such as 'Rahrawan Samia', 'Al-Momenat','Paiwand', and 'Mother' were established and released under her surveillance. She returned to Afghanistan in 2002 and began to serve as commissioner with the Independent Human Rights Commission until 2004. Thereafter, she became key member of the Directorate of Cultural Foundation of Jamee.

In 2004, she served as the Minister of the Ministry of Youth Affairs for one and half year until it integrated with the Ministry of Information and Culture. She also played a key role in the Readiness Commission for Peace Jirga in 2006. She has taken over the presidency of the Government High Commission for Children and Youth, as well as became a member of the board of Red Crescent Society.


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