The Embassy of Afghanistan Celebrates Martyr-week

8th of September is observed as National Martyrdom Day to commemorate all Afghan martyred personalities, thus the Embassy of Afghanistan in Oslo, on 11 September 2011, celebrated the martyr-week.

At the beginning of the event Mr. Hazrat Shah Farkhari, the Second Secretary of Afghanistan Embassy in Oslo expressed his gratitude to the guests who attended in the event and elaborated on personality of Shaheed Ahmad Shah Masoad and the role of all Afghan martyred in solidarity and brotherhood among our People.

A large number of scholars, intellectuals and young people living in Norway participated in the event.

At the end Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari, underscored the significance of remembering our martyrs who have lost their lives for the cause of independence and solidarity in our country. The event ended with prayer for peace, stability and solidarity among our people in Afghanistan.

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