Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari represents Afghanistan in Riga Conference 2011

The Riga Conference was held on 16 and 17 September 2011, in the capital and largest city of Latvia. The Riga conference is a leading foreign and security policy forum in Northern Europe for world renowned political, intellectual and business leaders to gather and debate on the most acute challenges of the current international agenda.

This year the Riga Conference hosted the Prime Ministers of Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Poland, Representative of the Europe Union in Afghanistan and Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari as well as some of the most well established experts, politicians and specialists in the field.

This year the Riga conference was involved in some of the most topical issues hitting news headlines throughout the globe. In particular, the ousting of various political regimes in North Africa and the Middle East, which has attracted worldwide media attention.

Along with these topical issues, the Riga Conference also hosted further discussions focusing on variety of other areas including the impacts of social media on political regimes, the future outlook for Afghanistan, Turkey’s position in Europe and debates on the idea of a global balance shift and Russian relations with the West.

In the discussion panel of “Power politics in Central Asia and Afghanistan” Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari, delivered a remarkable speech. In her speech Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari, elaborated on Afghan government's achievements ​​in the past ten years and added the foreign policy of Afghanistan government is based upon regional cooperation. Ambassador Bakhtari emphasized that bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan without regional cooperation is unattainable. At the end Ambassador Bakhtari had few short interviews with the media attended the program.

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