Oslo to Host Pre-meeting for Istanbul Conference

H.E. Jawed Ludin, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, participated in a one-day meeting in Oslo on 30th September 2011, which was a pre-conference meeting about regional cooperation, known as the Istanbul Conference, which is going to be held on 2nd November 2011 in Turkey. 

The one-day Oslo meeting was facilitated by the Norwegian government through a request by the Turkish and Afghanistan governments. It consisted of two parts (morning and afternoon sessions) under the presidency of Mr. Kare Ass, from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The morning session of the Oslo meeting was allocated only to regional countries’ representatives. While 14 countries from the region were invited, 12 countries’ representatives ( Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan) were present in the meeting.

In the first session of Oslo meeting, the final draft document of the Istanbul conference was presented by Mr. Usman Raza Yawazlp, Deputy Head of South Asian department in the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and discussions took place on the title, introduction, structure, and the legality of the final results of the Istanbul conference.

A large number of delegates, particularly from  India, Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates expressed their appreciations to Turkey's initiative for leading the Istanbul conference and  announced their full support and focus on regional cooperation.

The 12 delegates from the regional countries noted that opinions and orders from their governments would be mentioned on the next meeting which is going to be facilitated by the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on October 16th 2011.

At the beginning of the Oslo meeting, H.E. Jawed Ludin, the deputy Foreign Minister of Afghanistan, expressed his gratitude to the government of Norway for hosting and facilitating the meeting.

On behalf of 12 countries’ envoy present in the meeting, H.E. Jawed Ludin expressed his appreciation to the government of Turkey for his leadership and support for the initiative to regional cooperation.

H.E. Ludin as Afghanistan’s representative in the Oslo meeting said:

Istanbul conference is a unique opportunity for regional countries to address their common challenges. The government of Afghanistan anticipates a concrete and binding result from the Istanbul conference to establish a mechanism among countries in the region, aiming security, peace, stability, increased confidence and regional cooperation.

In the afternoon session of the meeting, in addition to the countries from the region, three permanent members of United Nations Security Council (United States of America, France and Great Britain), European Union representatives, United Nations representatives, and the representatives of Japan, Norway, Germany, Italia, Poland and Spain, also participate 

In this official visit, H.E. Jawed Ludin was accompanied by a delegation consisted of Mr. Hamidulla Nasir Zia, Mr.Nasir Hamad Faiq and Mr. Jamshid Nasrati from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan.

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