H.E. Ambassador Manizha Bakhtari

Manizha Bakhtari was appointed as Afghanistan Ambassador to the Nordic countries in September 2009. Prior to her ambassadorial assignment, Ms Bakhtari was the chief of staff of the Afghan foreign minister and a part time lecturer at Kabul University. She holds a bachelor degree in journalism and a Master degree in Persian Language and Literature from Kabul University. In 2002, she was accredited as lecturer in the faculty of journalism in Kabul University.

She has written a number of stories which are influenced by her feminist views. Her stories reflect the challenges and problems of what Afghan women go through in day to day life and they analyze and interpret those challenges and problems. 

She has also worked for the Cooperation Center for Afghanistan (CCA) which is a non governmental organization, specializing in gender, human rights and political training for Afghan women as well as providing vocational training for Afghan women and advocacy.

Furthermore, Manizha Bakhtari is the author of two journalistic books: “The interesting World of News” and “Ethics and Law in Journalism” which are currently taught at the Journalism Faculty, Kabul University. She is also the author of a researching book about the contemporary history of Afghanistan’s satire writing "Angabin neshkhand and sharing noshkhand". She is the author of a collection of stories titled "Three Angels", as well. Besides, Manizha Bakhtari was responsible for Parnian Magazine (A Cultural and Literature Quarterly Magazine) as editor in chief.

She is married to Mr. Naser Hotaki and they have four children. 


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