Visa application guidelines

The Embassy of Afghanistan in Oslo issues visas to individuals residing in, and applying from Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. Due to regulatory constraints, we can only issue single entry visas valid for a one-month stay. Those wishing to stay longer in Afghanistan can apply to the Consular Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul for an extension of their visa.

Under exceptional circumstances, double and multiple entry visas for a period of up to three months can be issued to holders of diplomatic passports, members of the armed forces from the above countries and government employees travelling on official visits, provided that compelling reasons are presented.

Fee for single entry visa for those who intend to work in Afghanistan including Bank Charges is 32 Euros but they are obliged to get the working permit from the relevant authorities upon the arrival in Afghanistan. 

Fee for single entry visa for those who intend to stay for a short time and has no working permit from relevant offices in Afghanistan has been increased from 32 Euros to 102 Euros including bank charges.

The above changes are affective from 10th March 2010

Applications for visas can be made by post or in person. Applications will be processed in order of their receipt by the Consular Section. Applications that are incomplete and/or are missing necessary documentation will not be processed.

Checklist of requirements

All applicants, whether applying by post or in person, must submit the following items as part of their application package:
  • Visa Application Form – fully completed and duly signed. Visa application forms can be downloaded under the application forms section in the main menu. NOTE: Every application must include a telephone number.

  • The applicant’s passport (passports must have at least six months validity period left).

  • Two standard passport size photos, affixed to the appropriate box on the application form (photos must be freshly taken and identical, colour on white background, taken directly off the face and show both ears).

  • Documents verifying your current address in Norway or other Nordic countries, such as utility bills, municipal papers, etc.

  • Applicants travelling for employment or business purposes must provide documentation from their present or prospective employer, or other organisation concerned verifying purpose of visit.

  • Visa processing fee (see the fees table below)

  • Return registered postal cost as specified in the price table below (applicants from Norway may provide a registered, self-addressed return envelop instead of paying the return postage cost).

Visa processing fees and postage costs

Visa type Amount
(including Euros 2 bank charge in Norway)
One month single entry visa

Euros 84 Postage costs 20 Euros will apply in case of application via post.

 Tourist visa/Visit visa
 Euros 44 Postage costs 20 Euros will apply in case of application via post.
Any visas for diplomatic & service passport holders Free of charge. Postage cost of 20 Euro.
Any visas for state employees & members of armed forces travelling for official reason who do not hold diplomatic or service passports Free of charge
(Subject to Reciprocal State Practice Principle). Postage costs 20 Euros.
Entry permit for travellers of Afghan descent travelling on non-Afghan passports Free of charge. Postage cost 20 Euros.
Permanent employees of the United Nations, the Red Cross and certain other inter-governmental bodies Free of charge. The applicant must hold a FN or Red Cross passport.
Return postage cost through the Nordic Region including inside Norway Euros 20
(for up to five passports)
Euros 25
(for more than five passports)

Payment methods

All consular charges are only payable in Euros. Payment in any other currency will not be accepted.

Consular charges can be paid by certified bank cheque (money order) made payable to "The Embassy of Afghanistan, Oslo". A money order (or certified bank cheque) can be obtained at any high street bank, regardless of whether you hold an account there or not, by paying the required amount alongside any applicable fee. The money order must include the name of payer or person being payed for.

Applicants who are applying in person at the Embassy can also pay by credit/ debit card upon applying.

Payments in cash, personal cheques or bank transfers are not accepted under any circumstances.

All payments must cover the total amount that is payable to the Embassy, including the relevant fee, bank charge and any postal cost, if applicable. The payment must be received by the Embassy together with your application form.

Applying by post

All postal applications must be sent by registered mail to the following address:

Consular Section
Embassy of Afghanistan, Oslo
Gange-Rolvs gate gate 5
0244 Oslo

The Embassy will not take any responsibility for loss of documents which are not sent by registered mail.

Applicants in Norway must enclose a registered, self-addressed return envelope or enclose the necessary amount (as specified in the price table above) to cover the cost of return postage. Due to incompatibility of cross country postal systems, applicants from Denmark, Finland or Iceland cannot send a return envelope and are, therefore, required to enclose postage cost payment as appropriate.

Express mail such as DHL or TNT can be arranged by applicant.

Applying in person

Applicants may apply in person by visiting the Consular Section of the Embassy (see address above) during the section’s official opening hours, which are as follows:

Monday through Friday from 9am to 12 noon. The Consular Section is closed outside these hours as well as on Saturdays and Sundays.

View Embassy address on a map.

After the completed application is received at the Consular Section, the applicants will be asked to return on a specified day and time to pick up their visas endorsed on their passport(s). Those applying in person can request for their passports to be returned to them by post, in which case the applicants will be required to present a registered, self-addressed return envelope or enclose the necessary payment to cover postage cost.

Express mail such as DHL or TNT can be arranged by applicant.

Processing time

After the Embassy has received completed application(s) with all the necessary documents and payments, visa will be issued within ten to fifteen working days.

Applicants applying by post, especially those from Denmark, Finland or Iceland, must take into consideration that it takes five working days for their registered documents to reach us and five days for them to receive the documents back from us. Therefore, applicants are requested to avoid making any travel arrangements before obtaining their visas. The Embassy will not accept any responsibility for delay in obtaining your visas or changes in your travel plans.

Return of original documents

All original documents submitted as part of visa application will be returned to the applicant after the due process.

Ready to apply?

If you have read the information given above and are ready to apply, please download a visa application form from the left menu "Application Forms":

Have any questions or need more information?

For further information, or if you want to discuss your application, please contact the Consular Section during its opening hours (Monday through Friday from 9am to 12 noon).

Telephone: (+47) 22 12 35 70


Postal Address:
Consular Section
Embassy of Afghanistan, Oslo
Gange- Rolvs gate 5
0244 Oslo

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