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Afghanistan Embassy

Statement of Diplomatic Missions of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on the Bombardment of Afghanistan’s Territory by Pakistani Military Forces.

                                                                                                                                                                            17 April 2022

The Diplomatic Missions of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan condemn in strongest terms the aerial bombardment of Afghanistan’s territory by the military forces of Pakistan on the 16th of April, 2022, which resulted in the loss of lives of more than forty innocent civilians, mainly women and children, the destruction of public property and displacement of the local population.
The attack represents a clear and grave violation and breach of Afghanistan’s territorial integrity, international law, including international humanitarian law, human rights law and other principles of the UN Charter. Saturday’s attack and violation was the latest in a consistent pattern of such incidents which unfortunately have continued unabated over the past several years and have come in various forms, including shellings, construction of military checkpoints and unilateral fencing of territories.
The government of the I.R. of Afghanistan had, on several occasions, presented detailed information on various aspects of these incidents to the Security Council of the United Nations with the hope and expectation of appropriate action being taken to bring about an end to such violations. The latest attack reaffirms the need for clear and decisive measures by the UN Security Council and international community at large to effectively address this outstanding issue.
We also unequivocally and without distinction condemn all acts of terrorism by all terrorist and violent extremist groups and consider them to be an as an existential threat to all States and societies in our region and beyond.
The diplomatic missions of the I.R. of Afghanistan and the people of Afghanistan remain firmly committed to upholding Afghanistan’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, national values, and helping ensure that the will of the people in relation to the restoration of a democratic, sovereign, peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan is upheld.