Ambassador Shukria Barakzai meets with MoD H.E. Frank Bakke-Jensen


H.E. Ms. Shukria Barakzai met with H.E. Frank Bakke-Jensen, Norwegian Minister of Defense (MoD) to exchange their thoughts on the current situation in Afghanistan.

H.E. Ambassador Barakzai started the meeting by a congratulation message for H.E. Mr. Frank Bakke-Jensen’s new position in the Solberg II government on the behalf of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

The Minister of Defense reaffirm the friendship and the cooperation between the Norwegian and the Afghan Military forces. H.E. Barakzai declared that “as an Afghan citizen she is honored by the productive cooperation between Norway and Afghanistan and hopes for the end of the violence in Afghanistan in 2018”.

H.E. Mr. Bakke-Jensen shared his hopefulness regarding the undergoing political reforms in Afghanistan. the Minister of Defense also confirm that the Norwegian Armed Forces will remain committed to Afghanistan in the future, but they will reevaluate their position each year as the situation evolves.

Both the Minister of Defense and Ambassador Barakzai shared their concerns regarding security in the country but noted that the International community is increasing its efforts to improve the situation in the country.